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Submitted on
February 3, 2012


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  • Listening to: The sound of my radiator
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  • Playing: Super Pokémon Rumble
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I haven't played Pokémon in a while, because I've been playing a lot more Mario :XD: BUT I recently bought Super Pokémon Rumble (Pokémon Rumble Blast in NA)...I'm addicted. It's awesome. I LOVE IT.

I've always wanted to make my own Pokémon fan comic. Would you guys like it if I made one? I just made the characters and I'll post them on dA soon. But I haven't figured out their personalities yet...

Spot (Spinda)
Bill (Psyduck)
Jay (Unown)
Zack (Porygon-Z)
Sammy (Simipour)*Shiny*
Larry (Larvesta)
Shroom (Shroomish)

I don't know if these Pokémon will be trained or wild. It's a pretty interesting group of Pokémon. I wanted to use Pokémon that a lot of people don't usually think of. What do you guys think?

Oh, and these comics are supposed to be strips with the Pokémon talking to each other with maybe the occasional story arc, which will have some action.
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BTW, LOL I faved ur journal :P
pizza-supper Feb 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Awesome! :D
pizza-supper Feb 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Okay :3
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